Maximum Efficiency by Smart Process Control

All forces are pooled in our competence center for logistics and service provision. Employees skilled in organization and communication perfectly unite with our equipment pool’s capacities. A value creation chain comprising our motor pool, building yard and workshop ensures our independence. Moreover, the operative sectors of our building construction and civil engineering departments and our stationary production departments benefit from this concentrated range of services. 

Permanent drivers at our Immenreuth site are profound production engineering and distinct problem-solving capacities. In close contact with all competent employees, we apply smart process control on-site to ensure an efficient workflow. All staffs and machinery are ready for action, all permits are obtained. At all times, we guarantee for a perfect time management and thus ensure top customer benefits. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and motor pool are characterized by innovative special designs - made by MARKGRAF. This facilitates our quick and individual response to sophisticated challenges.

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Mr. Herbert Schinner
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