A matter of honor: values and ethics

EMB-Value Management Construction is a standard for ethical and moral principals in the construction sector.  More than 15 years ago, we have helped establishing this value system. MARKGRAF is convinced of the positive interaction of ethical and economical values. To a large extent, our corporate culture is characterized by sustainability, integrity, quality and progress. 

Within our canon of values, sustainability is given the top priority since it yields lasting success. We combine economic productivity with ecological and social responsibility. Integrity serves to ensure internationally lawful conduct as well as loyalty, sincerity and fair competitive behavior. Compliance is an integral part of our independent audited range of values. 

Preparing processes efficiently throughout the entire company and continuously checking individual work steps for their plausibility helps us to ensure maximum quality. We do know the value of our human resources – and we do appreciate our employees, their ideas and skills. We ensure progress by permanently improving our process and product quality.

These basic values guarantee our independence, efficiency and ability to cooperate. 




EMB Wertemanagement Bau e. V.

EMB Wertemanagement Bau e. V.

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e. V.

From the very beginnings, clearly defined corporate ethics and management values have ben integral part of MARKGRAF’s corporate culture. Being EMB member to us is a matter of honor. The audits related to this membership are part of our daily business. They are considered a valuable guideline for our conduct. 

W. Markgraf GmbH & Co KG is audited member of EthikManagement der Bauwirtschaft e. V. (EMB) and promotes the concept of cooperative partnerships with business partners and fair competitive conduct.