Corporate governance is more than just management

Confidence, honesty, responsibility - big words, the meaning of which will - in a company that employs several hundreds of people - will not take effect before each single one of them actually is trusted in, feels the honesty and is given responsibilities. We achieve this by applying an innovative management system that comprises the support of commitment, self-initiative and proactive behavior.

We face our joint challenge and responsibility of bringing about social benefits by pooling talents in a team - which creatively and constructively contributes to our development and production processes. Flat and flexible corporate structures lay the foundation for efficient and customer-oriented business processes.

Our tangible and intangible value creation is aligned to the motto of being sustainable. Considering our responsibility for the future, we expect our management system to make management a “practically implemented experience”. Our corporate governance is based on a domestic mission statement that has grown for more than 80 years – that is an open dialog characterized by confidence, honesty and responsibility. 

Our principles

Our everyday business practice is based on seven guiding principles that make our corporate policy:

  • Our construction company is characterized by customer-, employee and profit-oriented management. Applying respective behavior and advanced workmanship, we strive for a leading position in our markets and core areas.
  • In the long run, we strive to act on productive, sustainable markets that match with our vision, principles, values and skills.
  • We provide our customers with demand-oriented, budget-friendly and advanced services and solutions to problems.
  • We want our construction activities, the values created and productivity to be characterized by equity-financed high-quality growth to ensure our independence and financial stability.
  • We want to safeguard our consortium’s sustainable and independent growth and success and make use of the opportunities cost-reducing cooperative activities provide.
  • We aim at offering our well-qualified and performance-oriented employees results-oriented a good income and development potential.
  • Our goal is to work sustainably and resource-efficiently.